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Manage Your Tickets

Ticket Inventory Manager


Welcome to Ticket Inventory Manager. Easily set ticket availability and prices on a single spreadsheet managed through Google Sheets. Your personal spreadsheet links directly to our live site so any change you make instantly reflects. Prices are initially set by our algorithm, but can be changed by you at any time!

Managing Inventory

Easily manage tickets for all your games and let your fans know which games are available for purchase! Learn more.


Ticket Pricing

Our algorithm sets the initial single ticket price for all your games to help maximize profits while maintaining fair prices for your fans. Easily change your prices through the season to meet current demand, or have our algorithm set prices for you again! Learn more.

Ticket Logistics

Show your fans your ticket availability broken down by games, day, and month!


Rivalry Match Ups

We'll show your fans which games are the hottest matchups for the season so they never miss those games!


We'll put links to any promotional games on your spreadsheets so you and your fans know if there any special game nights going on!

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