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= New Listing

This badge represents new season ticket holders that have joined our site for the current season. This badge will remain on their listing for one season.

= Verified Season Ticket Holder

Sellers earn this badge when they have uploaded a screenshot of their account page through the Seller Request Form. If you see this badge, it's because they are a verified season ticket holder.

= Trusted on Reddit Community

We have buyers and sellers from the /r/SanJoseSharks Reddit community. This badge is given to sellers that have been verified as a trusted season ticket holder in the community. To earn this badge, a season ticket holder must have another user or moderator on Reddit vouch for them from a ticketing experience through comments, posts, or chats.

= Facebook Special

Discounted tickets for Facebook employees!

= Club Level Seats

Watch Sharks games in high-class style. Season ticket holders in this section get semi-private entrances, in-seat wait service — never miss a moment of the game — food and beverage variety, more legroom, comfier and cushier seats, club member bars, tv screens all around the lounge, and typically smaller lines for bathrooms and restaurants. Grab a hold of these seats for the ultimate experience!

= BMW Lounge Experience

This badge is for seats in rows 3 and below. Season ticket holders with these seats get the ultimate hockey experience — complimentary parking, members-only lounge with private entrance, free food and beverage, hand crafted menus, dedicated concierge service, and extra room with comfy, cushy seats and more.

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