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How To

Recording a Ticket Sale

Sales Tracker makes it easy to record the sales from your entire season. This article will show you how to properly record the Ticket Sale Price of your transactions. Once the price is recorded, the Total Price Sold column will auto-populate based on the number of tickets sold in the Tickets Sold column.

Step 1

Locate the Ticket Sale Price column.

Step 2

Locate the ticket sale price of the game that you wish to update. Double-click the box to edit it.

Step 3

Type in the price you wish to record, then press Return/Enter on your keyboard.

All done!

After entering your Ticket Sale Price, your Ticket Price Sold column will automatically calculate based on that price and the number of Tickets Sold. Google Sheets will automatically save and upload your changes to your live page. You can safely close the window without any further action needed.


As you record ticket sales throughout the season, you'll also be able to see track logistics of all your games sold. This will help you understand trends in your sales.

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