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Sell Sharks Tickets

Season ticket holders — look no further.

This is your one stop shop to managing, posting, and selling your
San Jose Sharks Season tickets.

Selling made easy.

Post your entire season for sale. Change availability for any game. Let us automatically set prices for you so you can maximize profits, or choose to input them yourself.

Attractive for buyers.

No hidden fees*, no BS. The price buyers see is the price they will pay. Fans can choose from hundreds of season ticket holders to buy from. They can view their entire inventory and buy future games as well.

High reward. Low cost.

Flat fee. Cheaper that any other major ticketing platform. Through us, sellers can actually profit with below market prices. Don't believe us? Check out our pricing.

How does it work?


Submit your info with a screenshot of your account name and account number using the form below. Upload a picture of your seat to make your post more appealing!


Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once the review is complete, you'll get a confirmation email.


Once your request is approved, pay the fee using your PayPal account.


Your entire season is posted online! Easily managed through a live spreadsheet by our moderators and you.


What's the cost?



$79 per seat.
For the entire season.
That's it.

Have a half season?
Just $39 per seat.
That's it.



Submit a Request

Submit a Request

Submit a request to sell your season tickets. Gmail account is required. Don't have one? Click here.

Upload screenshot of your account

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Upload Screenshot

Upload view from your seats

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Upload Seat View

Thank you for your submission!

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