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How To

Tracking Tickets Used

Using your Sales Tracker has many benefits — like being able to track games you've sold and track games you've attended.

What is a used ticket?  It's a ticket that you used for yourself, or gave to someone else. Any ticket that was given to someone without monetary exchange should be recorded in the Tickets Used column. This article will show you how to track those tickets.

Step 1

Locate the Tickets Used column.

Step 2

Click the arrow on the dropdown menu next to the corresponding game that you wish to adjust.

Step 3

Select from one of the options in the dropdown menu. These numbers indicate how many tickets you've used for that particular game.

All done!

You've successfully marked the number of tickets used for that game. Google Sheets will automatically save and upload your changes to your live page. You can safely close the window without any further action needed.

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